Terms, Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy

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  There are several policies created to ensure fairness to all of the clients that host with Eno Technologies.

1) Pornography, pirated software, mp3 archives, rom archives, freeware/shareware software archives, cracking/hacking tools, and spamming are not allowed at Eno Technologies. Any material of this nature or links to material of this nature will cause the account to be shut without financial refund. These types of sites waste bandwidth and slow down the servers. It is not realistic to allow one site to ruin the speed for all of the sites. Additionally, sites of this nature often place web hosts at legal risk, and therefore cannot be allowed.

2) Eno Technologies reserves the right to close any web site that is using an unreasonable amount of bandwidth or server CPU time. This policy protects other web sites located within the same web server farm from becoming bogged down by the abusively high traffic site.

3) Clients that tax the machine down with malfunctioning pages or cgi scripts will lose their right to have dynamic pages (such as ASP) and cgi scripts. Everybody writes a code that locks up from time to time, but Eno Technologies will not allow one client's scripts to ruin uptime or performance for the rest of the clients. Keep this policy in mind when uploading cgi scripts or dynamic pages, since you assume full responsibility for every file that you upload. If your cgi or other other dynamic content is causing a noticable performance bottleneck, your account will be disabled.

4) Failure to pay on time will result in the loss of the account. Eno Technologies wants to give premier support to paying customers. Therefore, Eno Technologies cannot waste time supporting those who do not pay.

5) Accounts created in the middle of the month pay for half a month, then begin paying full monthly payments. Payment for each month's hosting is payable by the end of each month.

6) Websites that contain material that is intentionally offensive to racial minorities are not permitted. Sites that are found to contain such offensive content will be closed.

7) If you send spam, your account will be closed. We do not and will not tolerate spam. It is your responsiblity to make sure your clients realize that spam is not and will not be tolerated. Spam is a waste of our network and system resources, and we are completely intolerant of anybody who sends or attempts to send spam.

8) Eno Technologies reserves the right to block incoming email from any remote SMTP relay at any time for any reason. If a remote SMTP relay is misconfigured, spammers will often exploit the remote relay to send thousands (sometimes millions) of spams. If a spammer is abusing a remote SMTP relay to mailbomb domains at Eno Technologies, Eno Technologies will immediately block the IP of the SMTP relay that the spammer is abusing. Eno Technologies also subscribes to multiple RBLs (real-time blocking lists) to automatically block known open SMTP relays and known spamming relays. While this policy dramatically reduces the amount of spam sent to Eno Technologies, this may inadvertently block some legitimate email.

9) Eno Technologies cannot and will not be held liable for any problem incurred while hosting with Eno Technologies. By hosting with Eno Technologies, you assume any and all risk for possible downtime and other server/connection related problems. If you are not willing to assume this risk, you should not host with Eno Technologies. While Eno Technologies makes every possible attempt to maintain the highest possible level of uptime, Eno Technologies will not under any circumstances make any expressed or implied guarantee for any specific level of uptime.

10) In the event of a price or policy change, all customers (new and old) are subject to the price or policy change. These changes may occur at any time without any notice from Eno Technologies. Eno Technologies customers should check the Eno Technologies website periodically to check for changes to pricing or policy.

11) Pricing and policies are subject to change at any time. Our policies are non-negotiable.

12) While Eno Technologies performs regular backups, the responsibility for keeping backups of data and files lies with the customer.